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Are You a Dreamer?

Do you have a dream?  Why?  Why in the world are you dreaming?  Seriously. Enough questions?  OK.  Here’s the thing – dreams are what you have when you’re asleep.  People who are asleep never accomplish anything. The world is full of dreamers.  There are precious few true visionaries.  What’s the difference?  Being awake.  Seeing the […]

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What if We Don’t Train Them?

As Project Manager for a former employer, I was part of a team that was recognized in our region and industry as a leading-edge unit.  When we asked our IBM reps for an example to follow so that we could grow in expertise, they told us to look in the mirror.  They considered us to […]

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How About a Little Help

I recently changed ISPs and installed their free anti-virus and security software.  This was from a well-known, highly-rated provider.  After the change I noticed that ad banners, which were previously blocked, had reappeared on the web pages I visited. It’s a small thing, but I never click on ads and they cause pages to load […]

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Let’s Embrace Some Critical Thinking Here

This quote from Wayne Dyer has been making its way around Facebook lately: “The highest form of ignorance is when you reject something you don’t know anything about.” At first blush this sounds pretty good.  One could easily agree that Dr. Dyer is a pretty astute fellow.  So let’s test the premise.  I’m told that […]

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Are you an Ideator?

My uncle never had ulcers — but he was a carrier.  The CEO of the family business, he was an ideator (an idea creator) and a tinkerer.  He tinkered with the organization chart, with job descriptions, with business processes, with product ideas, with marketing plans and with office space.  He moved people and furniture so […]

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